table traversel

if i use a table with 2 columns, one on the left side which holds a menu and the other on the right which is the target.

if i click a menu item then the target should be on the right handside column.

how to do so?
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Why not use frames?

One way to do this w/o frames is to create every page with the TOC in the left hand frame, I'm sure there some wonderful method out there to do this - but which will only work on ie5!
I agree with ruperts. If you want to build a menu which targets a right side (or whatever), then the best thing to do is using frames.

ruperts >> Just tell him how to do it, you were the first here, so for you the credits.



<title>My Title</title>

<frameset cols="150,*">
  <frame name="contents" target="main" src="Contents.htm">
  <frame name="main" src="mainpage.htm">
  <p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</p>

If you want to do it yourself then here is one place to start..

The syntax:
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Use DHTML script for change table. But it work in new browsers like IE4.

But best use more variants of this page and go them for click to link on left menu.
For this create template page with left menu and clear right side. Than copy templates file and modyfy variants.

Good Look!

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oubelkas: ok
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