Using EM_GETMODIFY to check control changes

It is possible to use the EM_GETMODIFY constant with the SendMessage function in VB to check whether or not a control has changed.  If a control has changed, a 1 is returned; no change returns a zero.  This functionality seems to only work with Edit-type boxes, such as a TextBox or ComboBox (actually, this function only seems to track typing changes to the ComboBox - only the edit part, not if a different ListItem is changed).

This is very nice functionality, but it does not seem to extend to any other controls.  Is there any other constant that can be used with SendMessage, or another API call or such that will tell me?  (yes, I am aware I could just use the change event or click event of the controls... I'm just trying something new)

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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It had been a while since I even though about this one.

Bob LearnedCommented:
EM_ messages are for edit controls, such as a TextBox or the edit portion of a ComboBox.

LB_ messages are for a listbox

CB_ messages are for a combobox

BM_ messages are for button controls

taplinAuthor Commented:
Learned... I don't know how I missed that little piece of knowledge... ;-)

Hey, post an answer, and I'll give you the points.
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