Printing to LPT1 from Notes 4.5.2 on Win3.11

Greetings, experts..

I'm trying to print to LPT1 (a local lineprinter) from Notes version 4.5.2 DB, which is running on Win3.11

I can't use the standard printing-handling of Notes, since the output is supposed to be on a special kind of paper which is not even Close to A4 in size (a kind of receipts, with carbon-paper and stuff). -Lineprinting is what I need..

I've tried opening LPT1 for output in this way on versions 4.6 and 5 (on a win 98-machine), and it works just fine.. on the 4.5.2 (on the win3.11-machine) it just says "Can't open file".

fn% = FreeFile()
Open "LPT1" For Output As fn%

.. as you can guess I'm a bit frustrated about the whole thing.

Anybody who can guess what the reason for this is- is it the OS or the Notes-version?

Existential Angst! :)
/Torbjörn Josefsson
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dbbohlinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is definately not an option with 3.11.  Win9x uses a completely different method for doing its printing.  It uses streams very differntly then the way that Win3.x does.  You will not be able to use the method you have on a 3.x box.

Sorry, it just cannot be done.

You can do somethings on the Notes side to format the page correctly, but it is a real trial and error proposition.  First create a form that will print out absolutely correctly, with proper page breaks and fromating.  Then use the @Command([FilePrint]) with that form in the formname parameter.  If you are printing several documents from a view you can set the break as a line instead of a page and use formating again to ensure you are printing on a new sheet from your printer.

Unfortunately it is not possible to just eyeball this, you have to do some test pages over and over again.  But once you have it, you are set.

Use condition formulas to hide which method to use.

Hope this has been of some help.
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