Applet to Servlet Communication

I'm trying to write a database aware applet that does not depend on the JDBC/ODBC bridge (as each client would need ODBC installed). Are there any code examples of how to actually do this ?

Any help much appreciated !
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use pure JDBC driver.
read the JDBC tutorial at

.... and so on .. (you'll get hundered of links very soon)
gngAuthor Commented:
A pure Java driver would be a solution but financially is not possible. I am familiar with the types of java database drivers around. It's the way to do it but to many $$$. I'd really like an example of where a servlet makes the db interactions but the clients (running an applet in a browser) can interact with the servlet. By using this approach, you have complete control on the servlet implementation (using the cheap [free] JDBC/ODBC bridge. Thanks again !
I just saw you question title inside the e-mail notification (you don't mention the word 'servlet' inside your question at all)

check the RMIJdbc driver for a very quick solution:
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I assume you just want to know about the communication itself and not the db implementation. Here is a link:
If you have a bit of experience with the streams library then its all very straight forward. I guess the simplest thing would be to send your result set as an ObjectOutputStream.
Hope this helps.

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Hi gng,

 If you want cost effective solution,

1. Write all the database code in java servlets. If you want free webserver,use apache web server. Other wise you can buy any webserver capable of running servlets

2.Call servlets from applets through URLConnection class.
 Use parameters to call different functions of same servlet.

In servlets, you can use any jdbc driver types ( 1,2,3,4 i.e jdbc-odbc bridge also)

Best of luck
gng - r u still have questions?
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