Autoreply on email

I would like to set up an email address that when mailed, causes Notes to autoreply with an attached file to the sender.
How do I go about this?
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dbbohlinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is fairly easy to do.  Setup your user then on their mail database create a scheduled agent to run at a given time (late at night if there are going to be a lot of mail to send to or as mail comes in if there is only going to be a little mail coming in.)

The agent should go through all new documents.  The agent will parse the from field and use that to create a new email document.  Attach the file and send it on its way.

This will be easiest to build with script, but aside from that it is a very simple program.

Hope this helps.
Excellent answer, only thing I would add is for the user to be aware that when this script runs it is going to send the mail as being either from the server name or the user that saved the agent. If you want to change this and have the outbound message appear to be from a specific person you need to write a value to the "Principal" field as well as make a couple of ini additions and a possible upgrade of your server to a later flavor of 4.6. If you are interested I can supply the ini changes.
Opps, sorry about that.  I should have included that in the message.  Sometimes you forget the basic stuff.

Thanks for straighting it out Moodyman.
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