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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To summarize your requirements:

fast downloading to the "boonies":

1. very-fast: DirecPC;
2. very-fast: T-1 link;
3. fast: ADSL, but your "farmer" must be less than 4(?) miles away from the nearest telephone-company switch;
4. fast: cable-modem, if available;
5. medium: IDSN, if available.
It "bonds" a pair of 56K connections
5. almost-medium: "shotgunned" pair of V.90 modems, and two telephone-lines.
Hopefully, the cost for running a second telephone-line from the nearest junction won't be outrageous;
6. slowest: one V.90 modem
Download-speeds theoretically up to 56K,
but, practically, about 48000 on "clean" lines, and less on "noisy" lines.

Upload speeds:

1. slowest: a tie, among one V.90 modem (by itself) or a V.90 modem (as part of DirecPC) or a 33600 modem;
2. slow: a "shotgunned" pair of modems,
i.e., up to twice times #1, immediately above;
3. better: ISDN;
4. even-better: ADSL or cable;
5. best: T1 link.

You'll have to "price" each option, after determining which are available in your area.

So, why is the "farmer" trying to upload a 10GB file to your office?
Is there no way that only a much-smaller set of "updates" can be uploaded?
ThorinAuthor Commented:
Yep, I think you have all my options about right.  I have been doing exactly what you said and getting together a spread sheet with options and costs.  Although, I still haven't heard back from the DirecPc guy, nor has AT&T gotten me any information on T1s...must be nice to have so many customers you don't actually have to provide customer service.

(wince)Did I say 10GB?!?  I meant 10MB, a big difference, eh?  Sorry 'bout that.  Generally these files will be customer databases that need tweeking or converting or whatever.  Mostly though he is uploading and downloading much smaller files.  I feel like he could get away with a much slower connection, but as I said, the sales manager wants him connected to our server as fast as someone in the local office.  Can you say 100Mbps?  Yikes.  I think once I get this spreadsheet of costs done, he will change his mind on that.  

Thanks again for all your help, and once the decision gets made I will post again and let you guys know what we went with.

Just a cross-reference to the original question: 

for anybody just "browsing" here.
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