Video CD/White book format and hp8250i

I checked the specs on my hp8250i and it does not support white book format for writing video CD's.  Is there a software/hardware hack that I can implement to make it work?  I really do not want to buy another CD burner that supports white book.  If the answer is no, then what is so special that the CD burner needs to specifically support it.
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from this site: Book

partial text follows:

White Book

The White Book, finalised in 1993, defines the VideoCD specification and comprises:

Disc format including use of tracks, VideoCD information area, segment play item area, audio/video tracks and CD-DA tracks

 Data Retrieval Structure, compatible with ISO 9660

 MPEG audio/video track encoding

 Segment play item encoding for video sequences, video stills and CD-DA tracks

 Play sequence descriptors for pre-programmed sequences

 User data fields for scan data (enabling fast forward/reverse) and closed captions

 Examples of play sequences and playback control.

With up to 70 minutes of full-motion video storable in specifically encoded MPEG-1 compressed form. White Book is also known as Digital Video (DV). A VideoCD disc contains one data track recorded in CD-ROM XA Mode 2 Form 2. It is always the first track on the disc (Track 1).  The ISO 9660 file structure and a CD-i application program are recorded in this track, as well as the VideoCD Information Area which gives general information about the VideoCD disc. After the data track, video is written in one or more subsequent tracks within the same session. These tracks are also recorded in Mode 2 Form 2. The session is closed after all tracks have been written.


from the hp site:

it says your burner can write mode 2 form 2.  

a quick look at the adaptec site did not tell me whether their software will write that format, so you might check out the software at:

they make a rather robust s/w product that should be able to write m2f2 format.  they do have a fully functional demo product (that you can download) that would allow you to try before you buy.

good luck,
ivanhAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information.  You gave me a lot more info on the white book.  I think I have decided to return my HP 8250i and get a Mitsumi 4804TE.  Heard several good things about it and seems a little more feature rich (formats) than the HP.

Lock it and I will give you the points.  Also, any pros and cons on the 4804te?  Not important if you don't know.

sorry, i don't know anything about the mitsumi performance.  the price will start about $155US.  goto and search for keyword 4804te for some good prices.

there is a firmware upgrade for the 4804te here:

best of luck,

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