Using MSChart Control in Visual C++

How can I use the MSChart Control in a Visual C++ application. I have problems with finding a way to put the data in the Chart control. The problem is, I can't find information about this topic. Everything I find is based on VB programs.
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V_BapatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First you have to select the row and column in which you have to set the data. Here is an example:

for(short i = 1; i <= m_chart.GetRowCount(); i++)
   for(short j = 1; j <= m_chart.GetColumnCount(); j++)
      strValue.Format("%d", j * 5);

m_chart is the member variable for the chart control.
DegraveAuthor Commented:
Thanks V_Bapat,

I used the your example and it worked.
Now I can use the Ms Chart function.
Is it also possibble to use the Ms Graph 97 from MsOffice in a Visual C++ project++. Its possible to use it in a VB project.

I think it should be possible. Is msgraph97 an ocx file? I could not find this file on my PC.
In case you have it would you mind sending it to me? Also send .REG file also. It is required to create license entries in the registry.

Thanks in advance.

DegraveAuthor Commented:

MsGraph97 isn't a .OCX file but a .EXE file. I thind it is delivered with Ms Office (Acces). If you have Ms Office, you can find it in that Map.
Is it possible to use executables in a VC++ project???

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