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while being in one browser I would like to launch another browser by clicking on a link on a cfm page.  i.e.  if a user did not know what to enter in a field and needed additional informaion they could click on a link next to the entry field for another browser to display help text.
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rod_nolanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Chris,

A simple solution would be to just add the target attribute to the link but then you don't have any control over the new window's appearance.

<a href="help.htm" target="help">Help</a>

A better way to do this is with javascript, just like ginde says. Here's an example:


<title>Sample Window Launcher</title>

function launch(helpURL, winName, winFeatures) {
  var help = open(helpURL, winName, winFeatures);

function launchHelp() {
  myHelp = launch("help.htm", "myHelp", "height=200,width=450,channelmode=0,dependent=0,directories=0,fullscreen=0,location=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,scrollbars=0,status=0,toolbar=0");

// -->


<span style="cursor: hand;" onclick="javascript: launchHelp();">Open Help</span>


Note that there's no <a href=""></a> tag set here. The clickable text, Open Help, opens the help file using a combination of Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript.

For more detailed info on Javascript, try asking your question in the javascript section and maybe checkout a site called 
It has all kinds of great tutorials.

Good Luck,
You will have to use the JavaScript for that. Javascript has function which will do that. There are lots of examples over the internet. One of them is
and look at their source code.
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