Bus errors

Installing Slackware 4.0 on to a IBM 486sx w/ 8 mb Ram and 33 mhz. When setup was installing the different disk sets I  would get lines of bus errors and the usually 2 messages saying syntax error, then I would get setups official 'serious error'. Finshed installaion and now system hangs at LILO....as a result tried to reinstall Slackware 3.3 and have the same problems.........
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Is this a ISA or MCA bus on this box?
I have installed Slack 4.0, 3.9 and 3.5 on several different 486 sx machines with 8 mb ram.  In each case it was necessary to "mkswap" and "swapon" before proceeding to setup.  IMHOP you can ignore the claims that 8 MB is enough for normal installation without these steps.  If it has less than 16MF there is a good chance you must add swap first.

And if your machine won't allow you to even do that, (and some of them won't, even with a bit more than 8 MB ram) use the lowmem.i bootdisk rather than bare.i or net.i.

Make sure you don't allow "setup" to reformat your swap partitions if you create and initialize them first.  You will need to edit /etc/fstab to add them after installation and reboot.  

I found that Slack 3.9 (disk 3 from the official set) is easier to install on older, smaller machines -- and Slack 3.5 is easier still. Slack 3.5 comes with "Linux System Adminstration" published by M&T Books (IDG) and written by Anne H. Carasik.

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dds0319Author Commented:
Worked with lowmem.i and 4.0. Thank you.
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