Printing an Excel Spreadsheet

In code, how would I print an excel spreadsheet.  For instance, a user puts an excel name into a text box


Then the user clicks a button control and the spreadsheet is printed to the default printer.
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     'Sets the object variable to contain a Microsoft Excel Object.
      Dim xlObj As Object
      'Clears the xlObj object.
      Set xlObj = Nothing
      'Sets the xlObj object as a Microsoft Excel Application object.
      Set xlObj = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
      'Opens the file called Book1.xls.
      xlObj.Workbooks.Open filename:=<yourfilename>
      'The variable strVar holds the contents of cell A1 on Sheet1 in
      'the Book1.xls file.
      'Clears the xlObj object.
      Set xlObj = Nothing


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Bob LearnedCommented:
What manojamin has included will work, but there is an additional comment that needs to be included.  

I have seen a lot of example code that includes late-binding references (xlObj As Object).  While this is perfectly acceptable, there is a lot of overhead, and slower speeds from late-binding.  Plus you can't use the AutoComplete function of VB, because VB doesn't understand what type the object is until run-time.

The better way would be early-binding:

Add a reference to the Microsoft Office library, and Dim xlObj As New Excel.Application.

You could then ignore the CreateObject line.
rb982996Author Commented:
Hey manojamin, this worked great.  For extra points is there a way to automatically save linked data?  The spreadsheet I am printing is recieving data via DDE and when ever I attempt to print it using the code you gave me I get asked a question if I would like to save the current linked data.


xlObj.SaveWorkSpace("thefilenameyouwant") will save the excel application


Dim xlWB as Object

Set xlWB = xlObj.Workbooks.Open (filename:=<yourfilename>)

xlWB.Save 'will save the file

rb982996Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 150
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