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Problem using CWinApp::WinHelp( )

If I write to a file on my floppy drive thru my program, eject the floppy disk, and then i programatically try launch help using CWinApp::WinHelp() with a correct help file path in place in m_pszHelpFilePath, it fails  to launch winhelp.

Tracing thru debug thru MFC, it seems CWnd::WinHelp() fails at call to the windows function ::WinHelp() and results in prompting a messagebox with message "Unable to launch help" using

Note that this doesnt happen till I write to the floppy drive and eject the floppy disk. I see exact same behaviour with Microsoft word. If I save a document to a:, eject and then click on contents and index in help, it never launches.

I have similar problem with printing a report too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1 Solution
It's probably a bug in MFC, try calling _chdir to change the default drive to a known drive (like c:\) before calling WinHelp.
How many times have you seen the browse dialog go mental when it tries to go back to the last place it was open if that was a floppy .. :)

ndewaganAuthor Commented:
You know, that works. Seems like there is no better solution.


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