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First time trying to install Linux on an IBM P-90 with a 1.2GB hard drive, 32MB RAM, and the hard drive is completely unpartitioned. Insert the Linux boot disk, boot it up, and I come to the "Welcome to Linux" screen. Pressing enter it begins loading initrd.img and then fails.
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tomh111699Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your ram.
Try memtest86, you can load it onto a boot floppy insert it into  your floppy drive hit reset and it will put your ram through a series of tests.

Here is a source for it
sunsite is also gonna have a version for linux in the
hardware directory.

It will go through a series of test, 5 I believe, and it can take a while, 20 minutes or more to cycle through the tests.

I get that one all the time.  Throw away floppy.
Make new boot disk.  Start again.  If it happens
again, take the boot floppy to a different machine
(doesn't matter what OS - it won't hurt you to
boot it up off the floppy).  If it boots fine on
another machine after failing on your IBM, then
post back here.....
I also believe that the error is due to bad floppy disk.  I had the same problem.  When I used a new floppy, initrd.img loaded and the installation process started.
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Labonte18Author Commented:
Made a new boot disk using rawrite from the \dosutils directory. Same problem in the same spot. (Used the boot.img file from the d:\images directory)
Try the second part of my answer - boot another machine on that same floppy.  If it fails on another machine, its a bad floppy - make another.  If it works on another floppy, post back here for next suggestion.
Labonte18Author Commented:
Sorry, I forgot to put in that I did do that. I loaded the disk on an old HP Netserver that is a 486 machine, and it booted up fine with both diskettes
Ack, thats a problem.  This isn't a solution, but it would tell us something about your problem:  go to and get bootdsks.144/bare.i and rootdsks/color.gz (if you have IDE - otherwise get scsi.s)  Use rawrite from your dosutils directory again and make a boot disk using bare.i and a root disk using color.gz.  Boot off the boot disk, at the prompt hit <enter>, and put in the root disk when prompted.  If all works well it should eventually get you to a root login prompt.  If this DOES happen, it means that for one reason or another it is an incompatibility with your system and RedHat (I'm assuming thats what you're trying to install because of the name boot.img, but either way, it would indicate an incompatibility with the boot disk that you are using)  Phew, okay, give that a whirl & let me know what happens :)
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