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I have about 70 computers running Win9x and IE 4.0.  I want to setup a proxy server but I don't want to spend any money.  I have a machine and RedHat Linux (Kernal 2.2.2).  Now all I need is a free, really good, easy to setup and maintain proxy server application that runs on linux.  Yes I know it sounds like a lot but I keep hearing how much better linux is compared to Windows.  Except for the money part Microsoft Proxy meets all my requirements.  I found one proxy application for linux but it required that everyone run netscape, I have no idea why?  Just to make things clear if I have to do more than just add the ip address of the linux box on my client machines I will not accept the answer.  I don't have time to go screwing around with 70 machines that work just fine as is.  I'm new to linux, I have only used it as a client machine and a simple web server so please don't use big words.



If there are no good FREE proxy servers for linux, please keep cost in mind when making recommendations.  
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2 possibles:

SQUID proxy, available at
and TIS Proxy server available at

For TIS you will have to read their agreement and then send them an e-mail to get the info on where the directory for the download files are located.

Hope these help.

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jvieiraAuthor Commented:
Soory for the late reply, it took me a while to test it out.  Squid orks fine.


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