Substitute operator....

I am trying to replace all occurance of line feed and carriage return (hex value - 0D 0A) with html tag <p>.

Here is the piece of code I am trying

$str = 'asdfj asdflkj
lksdfjlka asdfkj sdfjad
jasdfj afdsflkas';

$str =~ s/\x0D\x0A/<p>/g;

But its not working, can anyone help me!.

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  $str =~ s/[\x0D\x0A]/<p>/g;

What's going on here is dealing with how perl represents and end of line internally.  Internally it is always simply \n not \r\n.  

So even though you are on a PC ( I am supposing you are ) there is no \r ( 0x0D ) in $str.

All you need is:

$str =~ s/\x0A/<p>/g;

or more legibly:

$str =~ s/\n/<p>/g;



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govinda051198Author Commented:
Text file has occurance of
1. Hex 0D 0A
2. Only Hex 0A

But I want to replace only occurance of
OD and OA with HTML <p> tag (not just 0A)

Can you please help me out?.

Note: I can see above mentioned pattern in Hex dump but perl substite operator is not recognizing - 0D 0A.


  $str =~ s/\x0D?\x0A/<p>/g;

Hope this helps
govinda051198Author Commented:
I was driving crazy. I had other problem in the project. Ofcourse its very simple didn't flash....

Thanks for the help.

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