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I just purchased a Compaq AMD 500Mhz Athlon with 17G drive and 128M memory and a 19" CTX VL950 Monitor.  I have installed Linux 6.0 on other Windows 95 Pentinum III machines but I'm having problems installing on this PC.  First I'm having problems getting Disk Druid to partition my drive. Have 2G Primary DOS, 4G EXT DOS with 2G logical drives.  When I use DISK DRUID it won't let me partition the remaining 10G for linux.  I can do a SWAP and the / with 2G but when I try another partition, it says I don't have a Primary.  Also doesn't recognize my CTX monitor.  First can LINUX run on a AMD Athlon processor and if so how can I define my drives and have it recognize my CTX monitor?
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I don't know about the monitor problem, but I've had problems using Disk Druid on large hard drives (>= 8.4GB) -- I used Western Digital's partitioning program that came with my hard drive to make my partitions.
By Linux 6.0 I assume you mean RedHat Linux 6.0.

Yes, it runs well on Athlons.

As for the disk:

First is the 10G unpartitioned? If you have it partitioned as an extended partition, Disk Druid cannot access it. If that is the case, you must delete that partition to give DD some unpartitioned space to work with.

Second, Linux insists that it's initial boot image  must be on the first 1024 cylinders of the first or second disk. The easiest way to handle this is to set up a 16Mb /boot partition as the first partition on the drive. Of course, if you already have a C: drive in that space you may need to scoot it over by 16Mb to make space. I don't know that DD can do that, so you may need a utility like Partition Magic.

Don't confise the boot image I mentioned above with the Master Boot Record (MBR) which is something else. That is where the Linux Loader (LILO)  will load the information needed to boot your system. That will be installed on a special part of your disk that is protected so you cannot partition it. Basically, don't worry about that part as it will be set up for you automatically.

As for the monitor, what do you mean it does not recognize the monitor? How far are you getting and what make you believe it does not recognize it?

If it is just that the monitor is not on the list for setting up X windows, just get the owner's manual and look up the scan specifications. When setting it up choose "custom"  as the monitor type and then input the specs when it asks you for them. Don't mix up the horizonal (Mhz) and vertical (hz) scan rates. If your rates don't exactly match those offered, just choose the closest match that does not go over your rates.

If this information does not fix your problems, post a comment with detials of the problems.

Good luck!

J Crouchet


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Duh. I meant to say

horizonal (khz)

not Mhz.

J Crouchet
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