Uncorrectable Read Error on Spar array storage

I'm getting an error message on the console of a sparc ultra enterprise 3000 machine. The 3000 is attached to a sparc array storage. The error message that is being logged is VXVM:VXIO Raid-5 Vol01 block xxxxx Uncorrectable Read Error.

I guess one of the drives in the raid 5 set is bad because when I ran vxinfo -p, it shows that Vol01 is degraded but startable.

I'm not too strong at all with solaris, so if anyone has any tips to determine the exact problem, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Looks like there is something physically wrong
with the Hard Drive media. You might want to
replace the particular drive that is bad.

"Uncorrectable Read Error" usually means
something wrong in the disk.
You may still use the disk with few sectors
damaged, but the best thing would be to
replace the bad drive.
mpopalAuthor Commented:
thanks for the response. I'm trying to determine which drive is bad by using format with no arguements, but format gets just stays on the searching for disks prompt. any idea what may be causing the problem or determining which drive is bad? Thanks.

the bad disk might be causing the format to hang..
I can't exactly tell you which disk is bad
from the information.. but can you make a lucky guess and see which one is the drive on

you can take a one-by-one approach.

Remove drives one at a time
and see if the format command works
for each step.

this way you will know which drive is bad.

you might also be able to see the message
if you reboot the system.
it will give you an error with the
disk target and ID number... you can figure out from
this which disk is bad.

But you need to be able to read the device addresses.

Good Luck
mpopalAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the help. I've rebooted, but it doesn't show which drive is bad. The drive that's bad is in the array storage. Sun Microsystems is on their way to fix the problem. But thanks for the help. Appreiciate it.

You all go wrong thing,

To determine fail disk you in vol01 you can use

1. GUI (vxva) to see what the subdisk was fail (gray color) then you see where disk contain this subdisk. Then call your call your vender to replace the fail disk.

2. Use command line to check status is vxprint -th. It show more information than vxinfo.

Post vxprint -th I will give you the fail disk.


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