Initial passwords

Does anybody know what are the initial passwords for accounts automatically opened during the installation of linux, like 'postgres' account (PostrgreSQL manager). U can always access them from the root account, but i think there has to be a better way..
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lp031097Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Accounts such as lp, bin, etc don't have passwords -- if you check your /etc/passwd file you'll find that they have an * where the password should be.  This is because being able to log into these accounts (through telnet, whatever) is a big security risk.

What I would do, if you really want to access these accounts but don't want to be root is to use sudo.

With sudo, you can allow whatever user to (with or without a password) to change users to whatever you want just by typing "sudo su postgres".  This is a much cleaner and safer way to change to these users than to give them passwords (using passwd postgres, for instance.)

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