Comparing TDates???

I have a serious problem!!! I need to compare two dates of TDate, but can't seem to make it work :-(

For instance I tried this:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  If dateTimePicker1.Date = dateTimePicker2.Date then
    Showmessage('The same')
    showmessage('not the same');

And no matter if I gave them the same dates or different dates, the answer was 'Not the same' :-(

I also tried to typecast into double, but also with no luck.

Please help!!! It is very important for me since it is a big part of a schoolproject which deadline is coming closer in an eksponential rate (or so it seems :-)

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The date value actually holds both a date and time portion.  If you are only interested in the date, use

TRUNC(DateTimePicker1.Date) =

This tells Delphi to ignore the time portion of the date variable.

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try something like
Label1.Caption := DateToStr(dateTimePicker1.Date);
Label2.Caption := DateToStr(dateTimePicker2.Date);
and compare the labels
(yet not tested)
retepAuthor Commented:
Thanks JoeBooth. Excatly what I was looking for! Now I'm very happy, and can get on with my project... :-)

Indefrei>> Before I posted this question I tried DateToStr, but soon discovered that using the DateToStr solution was not very Y2K-proof, since it only uses two digits...

Thanks to both of U.

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