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How much should your system resource be at? I'm at 56% free. What is the best way to improve it.
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How many system resources?
Just after startup you should have at least 80% of your resources available.

What should you do?
A lot depends on how many programs you run at the same time. These will of course reduce your system resources. What you should try to do is reduce the number of programs opened at the same time.
A lot of programs will automaticly start at startup. If you don't really need them, I would advise you not to run them.
If this still doesn't help, you might need to reinstall your computer. And if this doesn't help upgrade it.

One more thing
Windows has a nasty habit of not fully clearing memory after closing a program. So opening and closing programs will automaticly cause a loss of resources (and sometimes crashes). Therefore rebooting the system regularly is a healthy thing to do.

I hope it helps

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Good Answer 3408 your points are all right on the ball.
questions/points for Grover1957,
why are you concerned with this issue?
Is your system becoming unstable?
How aften are you shutting down and restarting?
Follow 3408's tips they are all excellent.
If you have alot of Ram set File System as Network Server.
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