I.r.q. Routing Status.

Under my device manager, my computer says, I.R.Q. steering is disabled, table has errors.
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kenboConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why would he want to REMOVE irq steering when he says it is already DISABLED. Better he should make sure that irq steering is ENABLED.

Go to Device Manager, click view devices by connection, highlight PCI Bus, click properties, click the IRQ steering tab. make sure the top box, use IRQ steering is checked. Then click on set defaults, then reboot.

Don't mention it...

more info about your system.....  could try to remove the irq steering devices in device manager.  Make sure BIOS says PNP OS....YES.  Then the IRQ steering devices will be reinstall upon reboot.
hallken38Author Commented:
thank you Very much for your answers.
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