Starcraft Multiplayer Cheat

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azinnikeAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
You must be a starcraft newbie huh? the ansewer is NOWHERE blizzard made it so you cant use cheats is multiplayer.  But you can in one player

some codes are

power overwhelming (invulnerablity)

show me the money (+5000 gas&ore)

something for nothing (upgrades all things one level so type in 3 times)

whats mine is mine (+500 ore&gas)

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KornKobMan is correct you can not use Cheat Codes in the multiplayer game.....

Here are some additional codes for the One Player Game:

The Gathering (unlimited energy to all casting units)

Black Sheep Wall (shows entire map)

Breahthe Deep (free vespene)

Ophelia (allows skipping of levels)

These are useful codes.
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who say cannot?
heh there are many cheats on multiplayer

goto and seach Starcraft Cheats
and boom goto sites and find it...once catch ...some hacks may drop you in multi player

>You must be a starcraft newbie huh? >the ansewer is NOWHERE blizzard made >it so you cant use cheats is >multiplayer.  But you can in one >player

>some codes are

>power overwhelming (invulnerablity)

>show me the money (+5000 gas&ore)

LOL! there are better single players cheats like freeze gas and mins...have 1 mil units (only with zerg) and map hack

i think u must the newbie if u do not accept his awnser accept mine cause i know where starcaft ( V 1.07 )cheats are
I also have a a Map Hack that works for v1.07 accept this answer and send me some points and ill send it to you, if you want me to show it to you first, contact me at or AIM trekiev
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