Interfacing Delphi to a C Library

Is it possible to directly invoke the functions of a C library from a Delphi program? Assuming I have the .o and .h file from the C library, how do I invoke the functions of that library from the Delphi application?
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No, you can't directly (please correct me if I'm wrong... ...but I think this is the answer...).

Two possibility's:
- Rewrite the C library's to delphi units you can include.
- Restructure the code from the C library in a COM object, using COM you can make code from any language re-usable in other languages.



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Yes you can, though there are some caveats: You need to compile the .o file with a Borland C compiler for a start...

Here's an example:

unit externalLib;

  Function Fred(I : Integer):Integer;


{$L ExtLib.o}

Function Fred(i : Integer) : Integer; external;


You can the call the function Fred.


mtrudgiaAuthor Commented:

I thought of perhaps encapsulating the C library in a DLL wrapper, and using the DLL from Delphi... would this work?
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Yes, that would also work (and is the best idea if you only, say, the MS C compiler...)

You might like to note the JPEG support in delphi is jsut the C JPEG library compiled to .o files and linked in as I showed above.


mtrudgiaAuthor Commented:

The only thing is I've never written a DLL before.

I have an old C++ compiler (Optima++ from PowerSoft) which says it can be used to produce Windows 32-bit DLLs.

Do you know of a good web resource that might instruct me on how to write a DLL in C or C++.

Thanks again
Why not use Delphi to make the dll´s  i made my first one last saturday, total mess but i got there...
you may want to study some text on calling conventions.

i recently build a delphi wrapper component around a C++ builder (tcp/ip) .dll, wich after a few design modifications (the calling conventions and event handlers) works quite well.

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