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My monitor is set for a display area of 640 X 480, I need to change it back to 800 X 600 but it will not go back.  It has been set on the lower settings for a couple of years.  Now I need to change it for certain software and websites.  When I change it, it reverts back to 640 X 480 after a few seconds.  I tried to change it after setting my color to 16 bit, but then I ended up having to go to safe mode as it was not possible to see anything on the screen at all. Does anyone (please) have any advice?
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SpiceracerAuthor Commented:
I am using Windows 95, Pentium 133, 48MB RAM, 1 GB HD.
Have you changed your graphics card? It might have a higher display frequency that your monitor can't handle.
check the display driver files as well.
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SpiceracerAuthor Commented:
Graphics card and driver are the same ones I started with. The only thing that has ever been changed from original equipment is additional RAM, I started with only 8MB, now have 48.
Assuming you are doing it with Display Properties; after you change it, are you clicking on "Do you want to keep these settings?".  You have about 15 seconds to do so, or it will return to the old settings.

Secondly. when you go to moniter or adapter tabs, what setting or you using for refresh rate?  If it says "optimal" try "adapter default".

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SpiceracerAuthor Commented:
Although the first part of your answer was not the problem and I was doing that part correctly, the second part was it!  My system reads a bit differently, but I understood what you were talking about and found where to change it from optimal to adapter default. That was it! I've been going crazy, I had found someone in New Zealand who had posted the same question on Cnet's question & answer page, he had not gotten an answer and I had even emailed him to see what he had done, alas it wasn't right for my system.  I thank you, again and again. I can now use my new software and some games I got last Xmas!

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