More than one match was found for name ...

In Lotus Domino client I've made a group in address book and when I was trying to send a letter to this group I got "More than one match was found for name ... " message for a couple of entries with same first and last names but different e-mail addresses. What can I do to make it look up in e-mail adresses instead of names ?
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There are a number of ways to solve this issue depending on the control you have over your mail or names.nsf.

First we need to understand what is happening within Notes to accomplish the lookup of a group or a person.  There are several hidden views that Notes uses for lookup, in your case because you are including a group it does its lookup to the ($VIMGroup) view.  This lists the groups included in your Names.nsf on the server.  One of the columns also lists the members of the group.  Members are listed by cannonical format. Notes then does a lookup by ($VINGroupAndPeople) to further define whether individual listings are a group or a person.

Last if uses the ($VIMPeople) view to find the email address of a given person.  This view is define by the fullname of the user.  This is actually a field in the people form called fullname.  It is a multivalued field, and for login Notes uses any of the values to validate login, however for the purpose of sending mail it only uses the very first entry.  (ie.  the FullName field might have (John Doe/ThisDom; JohnD; JDoe; Johnny Boy) as values but it will only use the John Doe/ThisDom for sending mail).

This has been a long explanation for a simple problem, but if you understand the way it works you can come up with several ways to fix the problem.  The simplest solution is to change the first value of the FullName to a unique identifier for each of your entries, this however means that you may have to change your groups too.  Other changes are more complex depending on how important this is too you.

If you want to do a lookup to the email addresses of your users, you can either place that as the first value in the FullName field or modify the Addressbook to display the email address as the first sorted field in ($VINPeople).

Hope this helps.

PS.  If you want to look at the hidden views and what they hold open the database while holding the CTRL and SHIFT keys at the same time.

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I think there is no alternate to avoid ambiguous name lookup, which is provided by Notes itself. You may have to live with that.

dengAuthor Commented:
Thanks :)
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