Patience form with animated GIF


I need to create a form with an animated GIF. This form will be used to do take patience for the user when a long operation perform. So, when I launch a long calculation operation, I need to show the form, do calc, and finally hide form. But, when calculation (or other operation) is done, I get only the form background. The GIF doesn't appear. Even with refresh, update, etc ... it doesn't work. Is there a solution to my problem?
Perhaps with Thread?
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if you want to send me a demo of whats not working(i dont fully understand from the question) and i will take a helps more to see some code.

hi Alphomega,

did you tried to put this line


sometimes in your calculation code?


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I would use AVI instead of gif and use
Delphi's component to show the avi.

It's easy to convert gif to avi.
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AlphomegaAuthor Commented:
I have tried processmessages but it doesn't work better. That's seem evident to do that. I don't understand.

inthe: I send you the form and a little project.

King David: I'm afraid that it's the problem.
AlphomegaAuthor Commented:
I have placed application.processmessages in bad place.

All work well.

Thanks a lot!
hi  Alphomega,

was absent for
some hours,
glad thats now working
thanks for accepting my comment
good luck again

meikl ;-)
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