A mockup Phone in visual basik


I am designing a mock up mobile phone in visual basic. The first problem that I have is with the "abc" buttons. I have a button to put the phone into abc mode to stop the buttons from being numbers and make 1 be "abc", 2 = def...

(assuming I have pressed the ABC mode button) When I click on the button that has the number 1 on it  once, I get "a", twice, I get "b" e.t.c. It works. The problem is, is that I would like to be able to press 1 once for an a then for the cursor to move on after a prerdetermined time limit so I can add another "A" or another letter to make up a name.

The other problem I have is with the speed dial buttons. I have 10 buttons down the side of the phone and have a button called edit. What I would like to happen is that the user puts the number that he wants saved into the speed dial in the main field that Is used for dialling. Then he presses edit and then he presses the speed dial button that he wants the number to go into and the number is saved. Then... when the edit button is not pressed, and the user presses a speed dial button, I would like the number stored in that button to be displayed in the main field. This must be done via an access database link, not variables.

I hope my explanation is not too bad!!

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This is you A-level set exercise you should do it yourself

jazzanovaAuthor Commented:
jazzanovaAuthor Commented:
Private Sub Command1_Click()

    Static sPress
    Dim dThreshold, send As String
    Dim snew As String
    dThreshold = 1
    If sPress <> 0 Then
        If Timer - sPress < dThreshold Then
            send = Right(Label1, 1)
            If send = "A" Then
                snew = "B"
            ElseIf send = "B" Then
                snew = "C"
                snew = "A"
            End If
            Label1 = Left(Label1, Len(Label1) - 1) & snew
            Label1 = Label1 & "A"
        End If
        Label1 = Label1 & "A"
    End If
    sPress = Timer

End Sub

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Part 1

set a timer on the form which polls the count on the phone button if the count stays the same for say 2 seconds move the cursor on in the text box using
textbox.selstart =len(textbox.text)


set up a simple access table with two fields ID and Number
set the Id of the field to the speed dial number

use sql to retreive by using

"Select * From My Table where Id = " & clng(button.caption)

This should give you a start

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