Running Hidden & Dangerous

I am running setup.exe to initializing graphics mode, after this I run "h&d" and get message "error initzializing graphics, please run setup.exe!!!". I try to run this game on another computers and again not run ?
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engpmercConnect With a Mentor Commented:
run REGEDIT find "HKLM\software\Take2\Hidden and Dangerous\1.00\"

and delete the "Insanity 3D" string

return to windows and run the setup,to setup your hardware configuration

run game!
this should work, i had the same error msg.

if not msg me & ill install the game on my machine & go through it 4 you.

Do you have a 3D accelerator card?  If you don't, H&D won't run at all.  If you do, it isn't detecting the card properly.

Un-install H&D, then visit the website of the company that manufactured your 3D accelerator, and download the newest drivers for your video card.

Don't forget to set your display adapter to Standard VGA before removing the old video drivers and installing the new ones.  This avoids conflicts between the old drivers and the ones you're about to install.  (If you don't know how to change your Display Adapter, just ask, and I'll try to step you through it.)

Once you update your video drivers, it's a good idea to re-install DirectX.  The most recent version of DirectX (version 7.0) can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.  Finally, re-install Hidden & Dangerous, and hopefully you can get it to work.

zmeyAuthor Commented:
I have  pentium 266with Voodoo 3 3000,  and Celeron 400 with riva tnt,
The Game not working on this Computers.

I think i need a patch.

where i can download her?
As a matter of fact, there IS a patch, but I don't know if it'll fix your problems (which is why I'm posting this as a comment, and not as an answer).  You can download the patch from Take 2 Interactive.  Their website is:


You might want to e-mail them with your problem and see if they have any idea what the problem is.  Their e-mail address is:


I hope these links are helpful to you.

i read in a magazine that that game is VERY buggy, so if you can, you might want to return it!
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