DHCP Server - Setting a Default Gateway

We have an intel internet station that performed DHCP services and provided access to the internet.  Now we moved the DHCP service to our NT server.  Now the DHCP service is working correctly on the NT server (People are being assigned IP's).  We still want to use the Intel Internet Station to access the internet.  

Can the NT DHCP server send the default gateway address to a win 95 / Win NT client?  If it can how do I set this?

I figured out how to set the DNS server address in DHCP, but I see no settings for Default gateway.

Even if I manually enter a default gateway on a client machine something overides it.

Here is the info, how can I make this work.

The DHCP server assigns address NT machine with static ip of
In the DHCP local options I set the DNS server to be because the Intel Internet Station also provides DNS services.

Intel Internet Station
This should also be the default gateway.

How can I make this work for Win 95 / Win NT clients?


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s_chaksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With the information i know default gateway is nothing but a server or a router which has the intelligence to route packets.

so i think in the DHCP manager ->DHCP options -> scope -> router

and specify the ip of your default gateway whatever you have given in your question.

hope this helps

larockdAuthor Commented:
Also, I wanted to point out that if I assign an IP to a computer manually, and set its DNS and use as a default gateway everythign works.  I just need to get this to work using a DHCP server.
It is actually the 003 - Router option. Add this to the DHCP setup and this will work fine.
larockdAuthor Commented:
this was the correct answer thanks guys.

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