A SIMPLE but powerful Graphics Viewer


My main graphics vewer has for a long while been Ulead ImagePals2 GO! v1.ob that came as bundled software with my scanner..

This is a simple but powerful VIEWER, not an editor, it fulfils my graphic viewing needs EXCEPT that it is 16 bit and doesn't have long filenames.

It would also be nice to be able to display animated GIFs and have a Display Favourites option for one's most viewed photos. (both not options in the Ulead Viewer)

I've been searching for a 32 bit viewer in places like CNet and ZNet downloads but the viewers are all Viewer/Editor hybrids and the interface is based on the program's own parent window, instead of the free floating images the Ulead Imagepals viewer has. With that viewer you can select as many images as you like and cover the screen with images (if you can guess their names from the 8 character DOS  delimited display).

The latest Ulead Viewer (PhotoImpact viewer V4.0) is not what I need, it has the Parent Window problem.

So can anyone tell me where to get a Graphics Viewer with the following specs?

1) Must be freeware or  unlimited shareware and without shareware watermarks on the images.

2) Displays free floating images with no Viewer Program parent window getting in the way.

3) Preferably a dedicated viewer, no need for editing capabilities other than copy selections to clipboard.

4) Instead of code for photo editing I'd prefer emphasis on good quality image display and good zoom capabilities

5) Handles JPEG, GIF (including animated), BMP, PCX etc.

6) 32 bit.

7) Has a Display Favourites function.



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danw95Author Commented:

I forgot my system information:

The Viewer is for a

486/66 Mhz PC with 24Mb RAM and Win 85 OSR2 O/S.


danw95Author Commented:

Win 95 OSR 2. It aint THAT outdated ;-)

Did you try out ACDsee before ???
I think that's the right tool you need, It need registration, but if you don't want to registrate it, it's also OK, but sometimes, it will warn you to register it <only sometimes>.

You can zoom, rotate, copy, convert, and so on your favorite image on the fly.

It's associate directly with your file's extension, so if the extension is supported by it, then it will display the image (floating), not in the parent window. It supports many extension such as: BMP, JPG, GIF (animate and still), PIC, TGA, and so on.

To download it:
just go to www.download.com
and search for 'ACDsee'

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danw95Author Commented:

Win 95 OSR 2. It aint THAT outdated ;-)

danw95Author Commented:
Spot on target.

I'm surprised Ulead has lost this sort of approach to Graphic Viewers.


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