Hard drive space

I have to hard drives a 3.2g and a 10.2g, I have partitioned them off into 5 parts, 4 of them have 2g in each and one has almost nothing. Is there a way of getting everything into one partition without losing any data and how do I get my 5g that has just vanished?
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mspearsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As much as I hate to suggest an answer that will cost you money...

Go out and buy a copy of Partition Magic 5.0 from PowerQuest Corporation.  It allows you to resize partitions on the fly with no loss of data.

You can read more about it at PowerQuest's website (I pasted the URL below).


Show us the output from 'FDISK /STATUS',
to help us "find" the "missing" storage.

Or, download the free 'PARTINFO' utility from PowerQuest's web-site,
and show us the output from that command.
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