Hyperlinks in drop down list boxes?

Is there any way to put hyperlinks as options in a drop down list box?
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messentaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you go, this is with a go button, which has it's advantages. (how many times have you accidently selected wrong).  But if you want one that automatically calls the hyperlink upon selecting, just let me know.

 function gotoURL() {
     var Current = document.formName5.selectName5.selectedIndex;
     location.href =
     return false;
</script> </p>
<div align="center"><center>

<table align="center">
  <tr ALIGN="center" VALIGN="TOP">
    <td align="center"><form name="formName5">
      <div align="center"><center><p><select NAME="selectName5" size="1">
        <option VALUE="page1.htm">Go to Page 1</option>
        <option VALUE="page2.htm">Go to Page 2</option>
        <option VALUE="page3.htm">Go to Page 3</option>
</select><input name="submitName5" TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Go!" onClick="return gotoURL()"><br>
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