Can I upgrade my present kernel which is running 2.0 to a higher version,
if yes how can i do it and where can i find and how do i do it
please let me know
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This is actually not an incredibly arduous experience.  You just need to be walked through it once.  

First, go download the kernel source:

Second, you need to extract it.  Move that file over to /usr/src.
Issue this from the /usr/src directory:
tar -zxvf linux-2.2.13.tar.gz
Now go into the new directory.  It is usually linux/.
You now have to configure the kernel.  
   You can do this several ways.  The most boring is "make config".  This prompts you for basically all of the kernel options.  This is good to do a few times to get you familliar with everything that the different kernels have to offer.  If you are unsure about anything, just press enter to use the defaults.
   You can also use "make menuconfig" (doesn't require X) and "make xconfig", if you have X.
Now you have to compile the new one.  You can do this all on one line, but I suggest doing them separately for now.  This is the set of commands I use.  If you don't use modules, you don't need the 2nd or 3rd commands.

make dep
make clean
make modules
make modules_install
make bzImage
make install

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