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I have an input image on a page.  The page is generated by an application server and the object is given a name that is big long and ugly.  In Netscape, if you put the mouse over the image, pop-up text displays showing the name of the object.  

Is there a way (the ALT tag does not work) to customize what displays in the pop-up, or supress the pop-up (it doesn't show in IE)?
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In IE4 and above, you can surround your image (or any other HTML code) with <SPAN TITLE="some text">...</SPAN> to change the text that appears by the mouse cursor. This doens't work (yet) in Netscape, though.

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For IE and NS you have o give it at two different ways:

IE: You must give the alt property in the  input-tag

NS: You must give the name property in the input tag

<input type="image" border="0" name="NSTEXT" src="thepicture" alt="IETEXT">

So try it and you will find it!!

Martijn de Bont

Please it's not a pop-up message but an ALT-text. ;-)
gmoriakAuthor Commented:
Maybe I wasn't completely clear.  I do not have control over the name of the object.  It is generated by the application server and cannot be changed.  

I appreciate the input, based on the info it looks like it cannot be done.
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In what kind of way does the application make the input type?
My comment was muts better!!

I have also an alt-text in netscape and the other doesn't!!

Maybe you have to express yopu questions better.

gmoriakAuthor Commented:
Let's not get nasty,

What I really meant by "Maybe I wasn't completely clear" was "I'm not an idiot, I know changing the name of the button will change the pop-up text.  I need to know if there is another way.  Your sample code is nothing more than the code I already have."

I believe the other comment was muts(much) better and yours was simply a redundant statement of my question.
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