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Is it possible to add a point of interest for MODELING ?
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AnthemConnect With a Mentor Commented:

     Yes, I do believe that this can be done, however you can not do it. What you need to do is go under the EE Support grouping and open up a question with 0 points and ask them this question.  They will let you know if they are wanting to do this or not.  The administrators of the EE site will handle the question from there.

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payeurgAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
What's a point of interest?
What's MODELING for that matter?
hi........ i think you want to advertise modeling in the internet or something....... please specify what point of interest you want........ please give the specifications..... and where you want to implement it....... =)
payeurgAuthor Commented:
I was referring to modeling languages like UML... Or other modeling methods to capture business process and convert it to good code.

A good place to put this point of interest is under programming.
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