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How do I make the Mac part of the Windows NT 4.0 Small Business Server 4.5 network.
I want it to be a client of this network...can this be done...
With minimal cost in mind.
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There is absolutely NO COST involved!

You need to add "Services for Macintosh" to the Network Services via Control Panel. I can't tell how much NT experience you have so please post back if you'd like detailed instructions.

Please note that SBS likes to "sheild" users form the guts of NT, but we can have you making network changes in no time!

chicabowAuthor Commented:
Instruct away....How do I make it (Mac) part of the NT 4.0 SBS 4.5 network!
If this little trouble...
You'll get a lot more poitns!
Instructions for adding Services for Macintosh

1. Have your Windows SBS CD in the drive
2. Open up Control Panel
3. Open up Network applet icon
4. Click on the "services" tab
5. Click the "Add" button
6. Scroll down and choose "Services for Macintosh and click OK
7. Once it has finished copying the necessary files double click on the new "Services for Macintosh" entry in the services listing.
8. Now you should be into the Microsoft AppleTalk Protocol Properties dialog box, hmmm only Microsoft…. Anyhow.
9. On the "General" tab make sure you select the correct network adapter (not a problem if the server only has one).
10. Click on the "Routing" tab and choose "Enable Routing".
11. Enable (or check) the "Use this router to seed the network" and enter a network range from 1 to 5.
12. In the lower section, click the "Add" button and add a new Mac zone. Don’t get too creative here, something simple like "MAC" will do.
13. Click the OK button to close and save all open dialog boxes.
14. Restart the NT Server.
15. Once the server restarts you can easily confirm that the Services for Macintosh’ are installed because in Control Panel you will have a "MacFile’ applet icon.
16. Go ahead and open the MacFile applet and click the "attributes" button.
17. I usually select "Allow Guests to logon" and "Allow Workstations to Save Password". If you are ultra concerned about security you can enable the "Require Microsoft Authentication" but don’t do that now it takes some additional steps on each Mac.
18. Go to your Mac and open up the "AppleTalk" Control Panel applet. Notice that it should now detect the zone that you made on the NT server.
19. Open up Chooser and select AppleShare, you should now see the Windows SBS server.

Good Luck


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chicabowAuthor Commented:
That worked like a charm!
One more question...can the person on the mac see all the files and folders that they have access to on the server?
Right now it's only the AppleShared folder.
How and can the files outside that folder be seen from the Mac?
The only files that a Mac user can see are whatever you share or create as a Mac volume.

Believe it or not the easiest way to create Mac shares or Mac volumes is to use "File Manager", yes the program from Windows 3.x days... Anyhow look for it in the Administrative Tools group or just run "fileman.exe'. On the Menubar in the middle you'll see the "MacFile" option.

It's pretty easy and straight forward from there.

chicabowAuthor Commented:
Never had an answer so well before!
chicabowAuthor Commented:
I am getting the error...when on the Mac and trying to a copy a file to the server.
You cannot copy "blah blah" onto the folder "AppleShare"
because the disk is locked.
I am able to copy a file from my Windows 98 machine to the folder  on the network...but not the other way
around from the Mac to the network.
Any ideas?

The Microsoft UAM volume is "read-only". Please see my previous post about how to create a MAC volume or share, then you'll be able to set read/write permissions on that folder.

Good Luck
Happy Holidays!

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