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Double-sided priority Queues using min-max heaps

How are the basic operations on a min-max heap implemented? They are insert(), deletemin(), deletemax(), findmin(), and findmax().
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ksdg025Author Commented:

A queue must be defined as:

PriorityQueue {
     int Size;
     int Maxsize;
     int *Elements;

Where Size is the current size of the heap, MaxSize is its's capacity, *Elements is a pointer to an array that con hold Maxsize integers.

these are pretty staright forward . what do u want actually ???do u want implementation ???
a min-max heap is one where the alternate levels are max and min of all their descendants... here's a url that explains (somewhat) the percolate procedures... if u find it confusing, pls post and i'll elab... u need percolation to use a heap and then insertion, deletion and extraction of min/max become v. easy:


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ksdg025Author Commented:
The web page did provide somewhat of a general overview of the subject and it's implementation and it was enough to get me started. Thanks!
u're most welcome :)
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