Win 95 does not find modem or Com port

I installed a new Motherboard, VIA chipset AMD k6-2 400 mhz processor.  I installed the VIA paches that came with the PC, running and old version of win 95, I think.  

I deleted all the com ports and modems from the 'device manager' tab and rebooted.  It finds com1, com2 but not my modem.  the modem has no switches, it's just plug and play.  I used each ISA slot, still win95  is not seeing it.  If I disable com 2 (com1 is the mouse) in the BIOS, my modem is still not found.

So I tried installing it anyway with 'add new hardware'  and the only options for com port is 1 and 2.  I tried 2, but that does not work.

It was using com3 before on the old system.

HELP!  thanks in advance.

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What brand is your modem? Model number? Can you post the contents of your WIN.INI file? Does the old motherboard detects the modem each and everytime you delete it?
chrismcnallyAuthor Commented:
femson7, I will post your answers soon.  I  believe it is Best Data Smart One 36F  Rockwell Chipset.

What section of win.ini?

One thing I forgot to mention, when I boot the PC, I only see the 2 com ports on the boot screen.  this seems to indicate the the bios is not seeing the modem.  Correct?

It's not my pc, and I don't know how they installed the Modem in the first place.
The modem is not being recognized as a plug and pray - er, play device.  That's ok, don't panic, happens alot.  What you need to do is to look at the modem manual, and check the jumpers on the modem and hard set it to a com port and irq, set it to com 2 and the default irq to keep it simple.  Then install the modem drivers, it will work.  If you wish to set the modem up on com 3 or 4 for some reason (don't use the default IRQ for com 3 as it will cause conflicts with the mouse), those com ports need to be added, which is easy.  Just go to control panel, add new hardware, and select com port.  It will only allow you to add one at a time with reboots in between.  It will add the next higher com port - i.e., if you only have com 1, it will add com2, if you have come 1 and com 2 it will add com 3, etc. After they are there, you can change the IRQ for that com port to match what you set on the jumpers by going into control panel, system, clicking on the plus sign next to 'ports' and doubleclicking on the com port you want.  Then click on the resource tab, and change the IRQ.  
The reason that it finds com1 and 2 if you remove them and reboot is because you have the BIOS set to enable com 1 and 2, so the bios tells windwos these devices are there - plug and play does it automatically in some cases, but not yours, unfortunetly.  Plug and play was developed so people don't have to do this, but it needs a few more years of tweaking, I think.
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chrismcnallyAuthor Commented:
I am going to try some of the steps you told me about, adding the com port through win 95, for example.

The Plug and Pray modem has no switches. No jumpers.  I've read the modem manual from start to finish.  Apparently I am going to have to rely on prayer or buy a new modem.

Ouch.  If the mouse conflicts (i.e., disappears when you dial), use what i said above to see if you can change the IRQ for com 1.
Seeing only 2 ports on your bootup screen is not important. Coz in reality you only have 2 ports, the 3rd being the modem itself.
Have u tried using Add New Modem Wizard??
In Device manager is there an "unknown device"?
Or a "PCI Serial Controller" listed there?

If so then the reason it cannot find your modem is simply because it already has but has not identified it correctly.
Now if there is an unknown device or PCI Serial Controller  just highlight it and click remove from the device manager and reboot and let it find the modem again (no matter what Win calls it) and install the drivers for your modem when it asks for drivers, then Win should now see it as a modem
two new approaches

one is to remove any references to the modem in the control panel, system, device manager, hardware (remove).  Shut down, turn off, physically remove the modem, turnon, reboot, turn off, reinstall physically  reinstall turn on reboot and if it sees it install with provided disk. or if the old version of windows does not see it pick it out yourself and install it yourself with your disk (look for a directory "win95")

the other has to do with you pci chipset features in your bios' cmos.On booting hit delete and look to seee if your pci chipset is on automatic or manual.  if auto try setting the isa to manual and hard set your modem in its slot on the motherboard.  then install through 95

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chrismcnallyAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for their answers and comments.  all gave good advice. I will tell you what fixed it in a minute.

I tried each step that each expert suggested (as well as I could figure out what they meant).  I deleted the com ports and the modem from the device manager, rebooted with and without the modem installed, used the add new hardware wizard several times, and I also modified my bios to choose 'plug and play os' enabled and disabled.

I tried installing a 'com3' through device manager, then installed the modem on com3, but that didn't work.  I also removed my mouse on com1 right from the start to avoid confilcts.

What did it was a solution found on the modem manufacturers web page in a FAQ.

1. Go to Control Panel, Add New Hardware
2. Do not Let Win 95/98 search for the hardware, Select System Devices from the listing
3. Select ISA PnP Bus and click on 'Next'

As soon as I did this, windows installed the ISA PnP Bus and then autodected and istalled the modem.  

I can only imagine that this ISA PnP Bus code was never installed due to the fact that I did not re-install win95 after installing the new mother board.

thanks again to everyone.
So it's *YOU* that solved the problem?? Hmmm...
chrismcnallyAuthor Commented:
I gave my points bdrawer because he or she 'answered'. I wanted to close it out.  I didn't realize I could also award an answer to a comment.  I guess I should look into the HELP.

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