Kernel Panic w/P6 & NT Boot

A friend of mine has attempted to install Caladra Linux on my Pentium-Pro. I have installed Windows NT 4.0 ws using an NT boot manager (bootpart 2.20 for winnt by G Vallant - This boot manager is supposed to work with Linux/NT.

The install goes well with no problems. Upon boot we get this final mssage - Kernel Panic - VFS unable to mount root fs on 03:02 !

NT boots fine on 2 hard drives. The Linux parition is sitting on the same HD as my C drive - the D drive is on a seperate drive (I have 2 drives) both Western Digital 3.2 gig and 2.0 gig.)

My main drive is partitioned as follows: C: 1500 MB, Linux 1449 MB & the Linux swap file is 71 mb. The D drive is a seperate 2 gig HD.

The computer is as follows:

Pentium Pro (p-6) (Custom build)
128 ram
#9 128-II Imagine 4mb VRAM
AWE 32 SB (disabled - my option)
17" Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17
SuperMicro P6 SNE motherboard

What is causing my problem at boot? Is is the boot manager or the original install of Linux ? Which would be the BEST solution - other than forgetting Linux. I understand compatabillity issues DO exist with them - as does almost anything with NT.

I am nearly 60 years old. I selected NT as my 1st OS as 4.0 had just come out (build 1381). since then I have used NT ws/server and even OS/2 alongside using an NT boot manager - no problems. (I am happy with NT btw)

Anyway - I want to use Linux for the sheer joy of learning it and to say I did  it.

H. M. Green

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Hi  I was able to boot linux with the NT Boot loader.  Where did you install LILO?  Let me know so I can help you get going.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I have no bloody idea ! I am not a Linux person - my freind did all the  dirty work. I suppose it is somewhere on the Linux partition.  Prob as boot is goes thru a sequence and ends in a
kernel panic !

Help ?
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HMCSAuthor Commented:
Simplified - is this a problem with:

1. Boot loader of NT
2. The install of Caladra

Boils down to this question. Can I salvage the install or have my friend do it ALL over again ? I do not have the skill or a Linux install - NT sure all day long !
  You can most definitely salvage the install.  Linux is not like windows, you don't have to install it once a week.  
   The problem is not with the Caldera install.  
   When you boot and select Linux from the NT bootloader, do you get something on the screen that says "LILO: "?
   If you don't, it is a LILO problem.  To fix it, you will need to boot up on your Linux rescue diskette and re-run Lilo.  We can help you configure it if you get to this point.
   If you do get a LILO prompt, the problem is probably with your /etc/fstab file.  I had a problem once where a kernel recompile switched my SCSI drive between sda and sdb.  This was reconciled by changing the entry in /etc/fstab to point to the correct drive.  
You have to install LILO in your Master Boot Record and configure it for booting Linux and any other non-serious OS you wish.
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There is some good information on getting linux and NT to coexist at

That might have some useful info for you.  Basically, when you're running NT, you do NOT want to use lilo.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Been away sick - I got 3 weeks to do this now before I am extended away at work for months !

I do not think I have a rescue disk & then if I do not need LILO to begin with
what then shall I do?

I am highly tempted to attempt, without my friends help, to reinstall Linux and go from there since this is a real mess to begin with.

Sadly enough I must have NT and linux co-exist - otherwise I do not think I would be having this discussion.

The URL from patowic might prove very helpful in this situation as well as his suggestion to not need LILO in the 1st place.

A salvage may not be possible but from this I might be able to create an install that would work from scratch.
Thanks :-) Will keep you posted !
LILO is the boot manager, that' s all I can say.
The NT Boot manager, ISTR, can be crowbar'd into loading linux, however.  And (naturally enough) NT doesn't like to coexist with non-MS stuff, so it (and I speak from memory) tends to barf on lilo.

Good Luck HMCS!
Ok, you kernel is failing in finding the root partition on the primary master disk, second partition (03:02) which, you say, _is_ your Linux partition.

Please double-check (using fdisk or disk manager under NT)  that this _is_ indeed your Linux partition and that it's number is INDEED partition 2.

post a followup and we'll go from there...

oh - by the way - what distribution are you using?

HMCSAuthor Commented:
In response to mixerfix - the Linux partition is indeed 3:02. My distribution is Caldera Open Linux 1.3.
If so - you have something munged in the lilo install.

probably the simplest method to fix that would be to boot rescue (using the CD or floppy) and re-running lilo with the correct lilo.conf...

Can you post the lilo.conf, please?
I have a machine with W98, W2000 and Linux. I put lilo on the inuxpartition and boot with NT loader. The trick is to use bootpart which you find here.
Only thing is that you have to run bootpart under NT every time you change the lilo configuration

with best regards
Rolf Cronberg

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