Small Laser printer for education and home use

I need  a small printer like the Laserjet 5L at a reasonable price. What is the model superceeding LJ 5L. Can you indicate what would be a good printer for a good buy.
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cumboConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Laserjet 6L superceded the 5L. I think the next model in line is the Laserjet 1100. All three models sold/sell for around $399.00 retail.

The LJ5000 is probably the closest in terms of equal or better functionality - but it ain't exactly cheap.
Can you give us an idea of the kind of environment the printer will be operating in? Small office? Personal? School? What kind of printing demands will be made on it? A few copies a day? Printing quite regularly? How important is speed? How important is it to have multiple paper trays? What kind of budget is there for the printer? There's not much point trying to pick the best tool for the job, until we have a decent sense of what the job will be.
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