Nothing in Device Manager!

When I pull up Device Manager, Only "computer is in there". I tried it under Safe Mode and got the same thing! What can I do to fix it besides a reinstall.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Please tell us a little history as to what got you here.  Is this a new install?  If so, Windows 98 Retail?  Did you reformat or is this an upgrade.  If an upgrade, from what?


I'd like to be able to say there was an easy fix for this, but unfortunately there isn't. Generally when the device manager is completely devoid of entries and there are no + signs to the left of "computer", it's a sign of a Bios conflict or the installer did not read the Bios correctly.

I would recommend the following:

1. If the motherboard has a flashable bios that you update it to a bios of at least 12/98.

2. Then use the clear cmos jumper to clear the cmos\bios (detach from power first.

3. Then set the bios defaults.

4. Then go in to the cmos\bios setup and make specific setting changes for cpu, memory, time-date, drive types etc.

5. The format and reinstall Win98.

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jg733Author Commented:
Well, I tried the bios (except for the specific settings) This happened when I tried to load win98. We typically make Images with Powerquest and then load them on different machines, install the hardware, then save all the hardware images and then load the software. It always has worked very well. It worked well this time also, for about a day. When we found an additional video driver we forgot to load, we put the image on it, but device manager was no help because it showed nothing. If I format, then all we have done is lost. Thier is nothing wrong with the procedure, as it has worked well for us for the past year.

Haven't yet tried installing over the top........

BTW: All other hardware is working just dandy. I just can't view it in device manager.
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We use Drive Image as well to create restorable backups for our clients. Unfortunately this does create problems when devices load incorrectly or there may be small differences in drive parameters or a driver, such as video, loads incorrectly. The All-in-Wonder by ATI has this problem as the INF file supplied by ATI to MS loads the wrong driver. Diamond has the same problem and there is a similar issue now with some of the VooDoo cards.
jg733Author Commented:
Do you actually load the hardware, or just load the inf?
We load the entire OS with the correct drivers.
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