Uploading FP2000 database

I have created a simple database that works fine on my PWS/Win98 but does not work when uploaded to my remote IPP. They use a Zeus with ASP support but say they cannot give ODBC connection. Hence I have been told to connect 'on the fly'. I understand I must insert some code - but what and where (is it in the global.asa file?) I don't know. The database I'm connecting to is Access.

Thanks your help

Noel K Tulley
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are you using a dsn on your home pc?
are you using front page 2000?
what is your connect string?
you don't have to use a global.asa.
noeltulleyAuthor Commented:
1. No - my IPP does not support ODBC conexions (though it does support ASP - (I've checked it with the <%=now()%> function).
2. Yes, I use fp2000
3. fp_sDataConn="Database1" (i assume this is the connex string)
4. Ok

What I really need to know is:

should FP2000 put it all together for me so that when I upload it should work. Thats the impression I get and nowhere does it say in the manual that extra code has to be added. Is it perhaps just my IPP thats at fault?

Thanks for your interest in my plight...

noel tulley
It sounds like you just need front page to add the databases connection to the web server.  
Open front page, go to open web, and type in your url.
then, find your access database on your local drive and copy and paste it to front page.  It should prompt you to "create a connection"
If this doesn't happen, your ipp does not support fp 2k extensions.  then you will have to use a dsnless connection and learn a bit of asp.
Let me know if  you want that code for asp.
Try this code from www.activeserverpages.com:  It contains more than you asked for but the code dealing with the database may help you:

</head><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
set conntemp=server.createobject("adodb.connection")
cnpath="DBQ=" & server.mappath(dbname)
conntemp.Open "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; " & cnpath
sqltemp="select * from users where user='"
sqltemp=sqltemp & myname & "'"
set rstemp=conntemp.execute(SQLTemp)
If rstemp.eof then%>
      we don't have a user named <%=Myname%> on file!<br>
      Try <A href='securitylogin.asp'>Logging in</a> again
end if
If rstemp("Password")=mypassword then
      response.write "Security Level=" & session("securitylevel")
      Password Unrecognized<br>
      Try <A href='securitylogin.asp'>Logging in</a> again
end if
set rstemp=nothing
set conntemp=nothing


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