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I recently tried to upgrade from Samba 2.0.5a to 2.0.6 on my RedHat system.  All previous Samba installs were done using RPM's but RPM's seem to be a pain in the butt, so I decided to compile the sources myself.  My problem is when I rpm -q samba it still shows the old version.  Everything seemed to install OK because "make install" installed without any error messages
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
RedHat installs stuff in their own fashion, if you compile from scratch, you will have to go over the system and find where RedHat has put all stuff. The either edit all config files, or replace the onld files with the new. Manually.

For upgrading an existing service, RPM really is an excellent tool

(redhat stores the samba binaries in /usr/sbin/ and a standard compile will put them in /usr/local/samba/bin  same for config files, they are not in the same place)
clsmootheAuthor Commented:
Do you think if I use rpm -e that will take care of the problem without looking for all of those files?  If that does not work can I just go back to the old version?
The reason why I tried this is because I have had problems with dependancies in the past and sometimes it takes too long for RPM's to be made available
rpm -e will wipe everything installed by the rpm version.. HOWEVER.. if any of those files would happen to be the same as in the new version, they will get wiped aswell. so after you -e i should do another make install on the new verison.
However, the paths used by the "standard" samba is NOT in the path in a RH envirometn, so you will have to figure out that aswell.
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