IIS hosting of FP - permissions

First, I must say that this Front Page authoring thing is a pain. We have NT4, SP5, IIS and FP98 Server Extensions in place.

I just can't figure out the permission to author thing. I just wan't to be able to give dialup users (not on our network) and users coming over our T-1 to the Internet specific permission to author a web on our server (i.e. www. whatever.com). I don't want to give them Administrator privileges, I just want to be able to let them and only them author and update their web.

1. How do I set up the Authentication/Security in IIS? Basic/Text Authentication? Do I add them first as a user to NT User database in the User group on the web server and then add them to the list of users in the web site properties?

2. What about the Front Page Server Administrator program. After I do all of the above, do I still have to enable the user via Security?

3. Since the IIS server is standalone, how does this play into it at all?

4. There's got to be a quick and easy way to do this. Can someone give me a simple explanation? Are there any web documents to use as resources?

5. I've been through Microsoft's Server Extension's area and it's about as helpful as a gallon of gasoline in the middle of the desert on a hot day with no car.

Please help.

Frustrated in Phoenix
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We had nearly the same problem.
You have to create one Group.
Add all the FP users to this group.

You can give them rights by using FP. In the german Version it´s called "Berechtigungen" and "Liste beziehen" there you have to see the group name and the users in this group.

Hope this helps you a little bit. If not ask! I could have a closer look to our server.

alavanAuthor Commented:
O.K., I created a group on the web server and added the user to the group and even added the user to the list of Authors in FP Admin.

Still no luck. The only way I can publish over dialup is by using the Administrator username and password.

There's got to be a way. Tons of ISP are hosting FP. How do you all do it? Where do you add the user?
OK You see the group and user in frontpage.

If you run FP external you get a login window. How do you login?.

Login name is groupname(domain)\username and pwd. For example.

Login: fp_group\fpuser
Pwd: test

Does it works when you are working local?
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alavanAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I created a group called Front Page Authors and added the user to it. I also followed the directions is MSKB Article Q154676 and added Log on Locally rights, directory permissions for the group and gave the user permission to Author the web using FP Explorer on the web server.

All appears in order, but I can still only publish using the Administrator logon. I tried:

Front Page Authors/user

with the password, of course, to no avail.

I tried all of this from a local workstation. I have Basic Authentication enabled on the site.

I get the same response externally. I can login with the Admin user/pass, but nothing else.

Any more ideas? Does the webserver have to be a PDC?
basically front page permissions suck.  but to answer your question, you must let everyone see the root because they need to be able to list the directories. So if you want the root to be read only and allow authoring to subfolders, they must be webs with unique permisions.  This sucks if you have 99% sub folders that you want to give access to all authors.  Also, usernames vary depending on what server the account is on.  for example domain1 with web server webber:
account on webber with front page 98 username is: username
account on pdc fp98 username is: domain1\username
account on webber, fp2000: webber\username
account on pdc fp2000: username
so, I hate microsoft for doing that, but I have tested this and it is consistent.
One other thing, before you allow ftp access, don't do it. it messes up permissions all over the place.

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alavanAuthor Commented:
I also posted this question on the isp-nt list and received numerous, lengthy responses. All of which I still have to try to implement.

You can have the points though, as you gave me a pretty good explanation.


P.S. The FP Extension thing is a beast unto itself and it should be shot.
Thanks and good luck!
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