downloads "not valid win32"

i have downloaded a game demo from an official software site.
when i click the executable file i get the message "not a valid win32 application"
its too big to delete and start again, so whats the problem with this file?
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I dont want any bugs for this question so here's the answer.

It's just as simple.

Your download has NOT worked correctly. In result of that, your file is corrupt. Normally you cant do anything else than retry to download the file. Another possible reason is, that the file on the server is already broken.

If u want to know it? I can only say: Try it again. If it doesnt work, contact the guys who wrote this game and ask for a CD. Mostly they have one.


I suggest getting a program called Getright from
it will make downloads more reliable and has the cool feature of being able to stop a download in the middle and then restart it from the same spot it stopped at.
if you download large file frequently then this is the way to go.
All you need to do is run this program in the DOS mode.  Your application should run fine from there.  

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