How do I "browse the network"?

This is pretty simple...but I'm a Linux/Unix newbie.  I want to browse the network (list all the machines on the network) and be able to cd to their machines and cd to their drives.  How do I do this?  THis is for both Linux and NT machines.  I have Samba installed on my Linux box and am able to see my Linux drive from NT.
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What do you mean you are able to see a Linux drive from NT? Through samba or on a local machine?

Anyway, here is what you need to "browse" the network.
You need programs like smbclient and smbmount installed (you have probably
done it already when installing samba).
The browser I'm using is LinNeighborhood:
It let's you browse the local network,
then you click on some "share", and it mounts it under your $HOME/mnt/<share_name> (for example)
and starts your favorite filemanager (midnight commander in my case) in this directory. Then you can copy or do whatever you want, it is mounted.
When you're finished, you just click on the unmount option, and you're done.

P.S There are other similar products both for KDE and GNOME. You can always
search on for "samba".

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do a little research:
"man smbclient"
smbclient works in text mode (don't have to startx)
and uses FTP commands
it's the 'hardway browsing' but it's an alternative :)
We were talking about "browsing", no using smb protocol to transfer files, but using smb/netbios protocols to know what machines are in what group and to see what they have. How far can you go with bare naked smbclient?
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