I have had several E-mails come to me with an attachment to it which I thought belong to the MS Powerpoint application but apparently not.  They have *.pps as extensions. Is this a lotus
file or something else?
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doebuckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi shortc,

my guess is that you are having MS Office 95. Those *.pps file that are created using MSOffice97 or higher will not be able to open.
You can go to the microsoft homepage and download their Powerpoint Converter 97. After installing them, you should be able to view.

Hi shortc,

Normally, the attachments you talk about are Powerpoint Slide Shows (I also receive a lot of them).
You can watch them by double-clicking them, or by opening them in Powerpoint (I thought so, at least).

Did you try one of a.m. openings ??

shortcAuthor Commented:
Thank You very much!
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