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Windows 98 is treating my ScanJet 3300Cse as an unknown USB device. How can I get the computer to recognise the scanner? Yes I already tried re-installing. Twice.
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Unfortunately, the problem is probably not with the scanner, but with the computer.

First of all, you are obviously using Windows 98. But is it the original or Second Edition? If it is the Sceond Edition, you may have some serious problems. Check out article Q240075 at the Microsoft website.

Windows 98se has a timing issue in the UHCD.SYS if you have an AMD KR processor 350mhz or higher or a VIA Tech USB Host Controller. There is a patch for it however at that article number.

If that does not apply to you, or if you are using Win98 orginal edition, then you need to know what USB Host Controller you are using.

If it says OPEN Host Controller, you're in trouble again. They are not designed for high resource devices. They are intended for mice, keyboards, speakers, etc. You will need to disable the USB on the motherboard (call you PC manufacturer if you are unsure how) and install a USB add-on card that you purchase from your local pc retail store. The USB add on card must have a UNIVERSAL Host Controller.

If you do have a Unsversal Host Controller, then you need to find out if you are sharing the IRQ (Interrupt Request) with any other devices. Open the device manager and go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Open the properties for whatever USB Host Controller you have listed there and click on the resource tab. Write down the IRQ listed. Then close that window and scroll all the way to the top of the device manager. Double click on COMPUTER. Then locate the IRQ that you wrote down. If that number is listed more than once, you are sharing the IRQ and need to call your pc manufacturer (unless you know how) to isolate the USB to it's own IRQ.

You also want to find out if the scanner is listed in the device manager. Look for: Imaging Device, Other Devices, or an Unknown Device anywhere in there. When and if you find it, unplug the usb from the back of the computer. If it goes away, then that is it.

Now boot into safe mode. Click START > RUN > type MSCONFIG > click OK > click ADVANCED > put a checkmark in ENABLE STARUP MENU > click OK > click OK > click YES. When your computer reboots, you will be at a DOS screen telling you to choose NORMAL, SAFE MODE, etc. Choose SAFE MODE.

Once in Safe Mode, open the device manager. Look for: Imaging Device, Other Devices, or an Unknown Device anywhere in there. When and if you find them, click on them one time, and click REMOVE. Click yes on the warning. Close the device manager when all listings for the scanner have been removed.

Now, click START > FIND > FILES OR FOLDERS. Type in UNKNOWN.INF. Make sure to search the C:\ drive. When you locate it, right click on it and choose rename. Rename the file to UNKNOWN.OLD. Then close all windows.

Next, click START > RUN > type MSCONFIG > click OK > click ADVANCED > take the checkmark out of ENABLE STARUP MENU > click OK > click OK > click YES. You will be returned to normal mode when you restart.

Now just plug in the scanner. You should get: New hardware found HP ScanJet 3300c. And it should ask for the disk.

If you do not get this information, then you still have something wrong with the scanner or the USB on the computer. To determine if it is the computer, run USBVIEW.EXE from the Win98 CDROM. It is located in the Tools/Reskit folder. To find out if it is the scanner, try installing it on another computer.

USBVIEW.EXE will try to enumerate the USB port and locate any device and identify it. If it says "enumeration error" or does not recognize the scanner, then the USB is messed up and you will need to call the pc manufacturer to have it repaired.

If the scanner has the same problem on another pc, then call HP at 1-900-555-0012 and they can assist you further. If it is a hardware issue (and by now I would think so) then they will refer you to service and reverse the charges.

Good Luck!

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