TaskBar at Window?


I know there exists a msg called ABN_STATECHANE to allow us to notify the taskbar's autohide or always-on-top state has been changed.

However, I don't know to how to catch this msg in my application. Until now, I have tried to catch this msg at the function PreTranslateMessage()  but it is not successfully.

I have read some articles which have pointed out that I can catch this msg at the window proc. What is window Procedure? How can I use this function?

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Vinayak KumbarSr Program ManagerCommented:

I dont know how exactly u can map that message :-(

But U can put the following code to check the state of the task bar. U can put it in timer or thread to continously monitor the state.

APPBARDATA appbardata;      
appbardata.cbSize = sizeof(APPBARDATA);

UINT state = (UINT)SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETSTATE , &appbardata);

if(state == ABS_ALWAYSONTOP)
else if(state == ABS_AUTOHIDE )
else if(state == 3 )
      AfxMessageBox("ABS_AUTOHIDE and ABS_ALWAYSONTOP");

Try it out.
The Window procedure is defined like this:

LRESULT CYourClass::WindowProc(UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam;

Just override WindowProc and then you can check the message parameter for ABN_STATECHANGE...

let me know if that works for you...
ABN_STATECHANE is a notification message only sent to an appbar. When using ABM_NEW to register a new appbar, you specify the message identifier that the system should use to send the notification messages, of which the wParam parameter is the notification code, such as ABN_STATECHANGE. You may use Spy++ on a top-level window to verify it. When the Auto hide state of the taskbar is changed, only a WM_SETTINGCHANGE message with SPI_SETWORKAREA is sent.

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That's true - I should have been more clear - the application window can't be any old window - it has to be an appbar. the WM_SETTINGCHANGE message is sent to all top level windows when a system setting has changed - you can't just send this message directly to any window, either.
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