Recover an unsaved excel file ?

Could anyone help me to recover my data
which i working half way and the excel application hung/not responding. So, i have to end task to quite the file. is there anyway i can recover the data back because it is very important to me and i did not reboot my computer yet. Help please.

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hi netcool,

we have faced this problem before in our workplace. quite a number of times. there is no way to retrieve. i am sorry.
what i can suggest for the future is enable 'Autosave' in Excel. (Goto Tools -> Add-ins)

I have automatic backups made of my files while I am working on a file.  On the Save as, options check the always create backup.  this way you will have something to go back to.  The file will be called Backup of ....

Might not help you now, but...

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leightmurray - That will only work if you've saved the file in the first place - which is what NetCool hasn;t done.

As doebuck says, you are most likely to be unlucky.

However, if Excel crashed rather than you accidentally closing the new file without saving, you may be able to find one of the .TMP files in your Temo directory with that day's date that you may be able to open in Excel and reclaim some of the information. Doubtful though.

As to AutoSave, I hate that as I often don't want the file to be saved until I am sure that I want to overwrite the original. I normally save a file when I know I'm leaving the PC or will spend the next 10 secs or so thinking :-) . However, that's your choice.
Don't want to get picky but leighmurray's 'solution' is not a solution to your Q but a means to minimise the problem in the future.

If anything, doebuck's or my comments are more of a solution to your Q.

However, it's your call.
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